End of the Year Awards Ceremony
Students are recognized for their academics, personal success, and Godly character traits throughout the year. We also have a time where the kids can showcase their talents.
Merits Award Program
West Side Christian Academy students learn to be responsible for their own actions, learning, and deeds.  Students are motivated with our Merit Program.  They earn merits in a variety of ways.  These merits can be saved or spent at the merit store. However, along with earning merits they can also receive demerits for misconduct.
Regional Student Convention

Using the A.C.E. curriculum, West Side Christian Academy gives young christian students opportunities to develop leadership skills through regional student conventions (RSC) and International Student Convention (ISC).  Students will learn dedication, preparation, time management, and how to compete.  These Christian competitions for children train them to develop skills and attitudes that will prepare them for life.  Students can select from over 140 events in 5 categories including music, speech/drama, athletics, arts, and academics. These conventions are for 13 year old's and older.  ​
Field Trips
These trips can be school wide or offered individually as an incentive program. Parents will be notified of any future field trips. We have been averaging a field trip every 4-6 weeks. 
Music Class
Our music department at WSCA continues to grow as musically inclined teachers and volunteers assist students in learning and mastering different musical instruments. Music classes are offered in piano, guitar, flute, harmonica, and this year clarinet. Vocal training in our praise team continues to sharpen the vocal talents God has blessed our chorus students.
Our students are involved in many athletic activities. Some of our athletics are competitive with public schools while others are only competitive at our school's regional competition. This past year Athletics consisted of volleyball, bowling, chess, tennis, swimming, basketball, and cross country.