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West Side Christian Academy Scholarship Fund

Choosing to send a child to a private school is a big decision.  It sometimes requires sacrifice on behalf of the parents.  It can be thought of as an investment. 

For some this task may not be as feasible.  We would love for you to consider donations to our scholarship fund.  This fund helps assist families who may need a little extra to come up with the total tuition cost. 

Each recipient is approved by the board.  


If you are interested in investing in a child's future you may do so in the following ways


  • Mail a check with the memo Scholarship Fund

    • 1403 S Cheyenne Rd, Sapulpa, OK ​74066

  • Drop by and speak with an Administrator on ways to help or donate

  • Give online by hitting the button above

 Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our scholarship fund.

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